Overwatch Integration Spotlight Part 1: Manage your matches and plays for the win

Manage Matches

Managing all your Overwatch clips and finding the right one can take a lot of time.

While Plays.tv records in the background with very little effect on your framerate, it’s also cataloging all your key moments so you don’t have to. It organizes this into matches and keeps track of what hero and map you played in the clip.

This means you can quickly find that insane multi-kill or winning resurrection and share it in seconds.

To be specific, it automatically bookmarks the following:

  • Eliminations
  • Deaths
  • Resurrects
  • Play of the Game

It’s a great learning tool that doesn’t take any setup. Our Overwatch integration helps you jump to the good (or bad) stuff quickly to up your game in the next match.

We want to contribute to the sounds of maniacal laughter as you boop your way to the top. Get going!

Sneak preview of next topic: Montages.

  • Bar Hochman

    I’m so proud this feature got back.

  • @DSArgus

    I would love to remove this feature from “my” plays.tv.
    It makes my
    whole Recording confusing with hundreds of unnecessary little dots, it
    splits up the ONE big recording session into 10 to 15 Matches … No,
    Please, No. If someone likes it, okay, you do you, but I really want my
    old Plays.tv Experience back.
    Is there any way to remove this Feature?