Heroes never die! Contest: Upload your best Multi-Resurrects!

If you haven’t heard the news, Mercy’s resurrection ability is getting a big overhaul. Mercy will no longer be able to use her ultimate to resurrect multiple teammates. Her ultimate ability will be replaced with the new “Valkyrie” ultimate, which increases her damage, range, and allows her to fly freely. Battle Mercy mains rejoice! 

However, this means that we must bid farewell to multi-resurrects. But dry your tears, Mercy fans, we’re giving multi-resurrects a proper send off with a contest! Two winners will receive the ultimate Mercy prize pack!

To enter, upload an Overwatch video of you resurrecting 2 or more  teammates. Add the tag #GoodbyeMultiRes. You can use our Overwatch integration to help you easily find your Mercy resurrections.

You may submit multiple videos for submission. The more you submit, the better chance you’ll have to win! The winners will be judged and chosen by the Plays.tv staff.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

2 lucky winners will receive:

  • Mercy Nendoroid
  • Mercy Print by Steph Lew
  • “Have Mercy” Tee
  • $20 Battle.net Gift Card


  1. Contest will run from August 30th, 2017 – September 19th, 2017
  2. Videos must be submitted to Plays.tv to qualify
  3. Videos must be from Overwatch and must contain a resurrection of 2 or more team mates.
  4. Videos must be using the Plays.tv Overwatch integration (will be automatically tagged with a “resurrection event”)
  5. Submissions must contain the #GoodbyeMultiRes tag — you may edit this into your description if you forget to add it.
  6. Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM PST on September 19th, 2017 

Remember, HEROES NEVER DIE, so get out there and get some multi-resurrects while you still can! Did someone call a doctor?

  • DekuMilk

    Such garbage rules. I have some sicc resurrections from before the integration, and this is when being a Mercy mains were still few and far between. No leniency?

    • Tsuyoi Ayakashi

      it sounds like shit but the reason why is because they can tell without watching that there is 2+ res’ in the clip

    • Marigdd

      so youre telling me they wont even watch videos? >_>

    • Tsuyoi Ayakashi

      Welllll I’m just saying, they would have to spend a whole lot of time watching them, or they just look at the stats ezpz

    • Marigdd

      well that doesnt make sense! XD since it’s not who had most res (2 or more res)

    • Tsuyoi Ayakashi

      By stats I meant http://prntscr.com/gg0rsl see how it says 2 res and you don’t have to watch it to check :D

    • Plays.tv

      Hi all!
      To answer your question, we will be reviewing each video to ensure that they are following our rules. Thanks!

  • Adrian

    So… We can’t just tag old videos with the hashtag?

  • Sara Middelhede

    So I can’t use an old clip that I made in june because the overwatch integration wasn’t in my plays.tv then? That seems unfair

  • Marigdd

    That is so unfair because most of my multi ress are me replaying highlights or potg after the game so they dont have the tag when i replay it in highlights Q_Q

  • Lenny L Carvalho

    Why people are crying about the rules?? It’s not to use your fucking old shit ress… Go there and make some to the competition! People want free prizes and sitll want to complain about how the rules work. WTF

  • Sara Drumheller

    Once we tag the videos, is that it or where do we submit them for the contest?

    • Plays.tv

      Yep! Tagging the video counts as submitting it. :)

  • Fiery

    Have winners been selected? I can’t find them listed anywhere.

  • Tsuyoi Ayakashi

    Did we ever announce the winners o;