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Make It or Break It for Na’Vi

After a promising resurgence during late 2017, Na’Vi’s performance during this year can only be described as lackluster. The Ukranian organization’s downfall started during ESL One Genting 2018. Despite a promising start after walking over Evil Geniuses, Na’Vi was knocked out to the lower bracket by Team Liquid. Natus Vincere managed to overcome their first obstacle in the form of Mineski, but were eliminated from the tournament by the vengeful Evil Geniuses. The North American squad decimated Na’Vi in a swift 2-0 victory, not knowing that it was the beginning of the end for the former TI champions.

Soon after the tournament, the team parted ways with their support duo of Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan and Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev. Their replacements came in the form of Serbian support Nikola “LeBronDota” Popovic and former Virtus Pro support Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk. Lil was a tested and proven player with Virtus Pro who managed to win a Major (ESL One Hamburg 2017) and a 5-6th place at The International 7. LeBron was the lesser-known player of the two but had competed in the past for Na’Vi as a stand-in.

Na’Vi roster in early February

Natus Vincere’s performance with the two new additions started out horrendously, with the team failing to qualify for the Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018. Sadly, the DAC qualifiers were only a sign of things to come as Na’Vi were knocked out of ESL One Katowice 2018 by Fnatic and Newbee without winning a single game. The only tournament where Na’Vi even vaguely shined was at the GESC Indonesia Dota 2 Minor where they managed to finish in respectable 3-4th place.

Natus Vincere during ESL One Katowice 2018

In the end, the Ukranian giants were once again looking as shadows of their former selves, and the winds of change were blowing in the air. With the team not clicking with each other, it was LeBronDota who drew the short stick. As news of his dismissal from the team spread like wildfire, an even more unknown player got a spot in the limelight of the professional Dota 2 scene. Fedor “velheor” Rusikhin was announced as his replacement yesterday, a largely unknown player from the CIS scene. Fedor is relatively new to the scene and his most notable teams before joining Na’Vi were Cascade Gaming and SFTe-sports.

Where does Na’Vi stand in the current race to Vancouver?

Things are looking tougher than ever for Natus Vincere. With their transfer coming outside of the official transfer window, the organization will have to grind their way through the Open CIS Qualifiers. As far as the Open Qualifiers are concerned, the biggest danger to Na’Vi might come in the form of CIS tier 2 teams like Double Dimensions, SFTe-sports, and the occasional pub-stacks filled with former or teamless professional players. All things considered, they’re basically a shoe-in for the Open Qualifiers.

Na’Vi’s current roster with velheor (second from the right)

The hardest step will be the Regionals. If Na’Vi makes it through the Open Qualifiers, they will have to face off against Vega Squadron, Team Empire, Team Spirit and FlyToMoon. With the CIS region looking at its weakest for the past couple of years, I can only see Vega Squadron standing on even ground against Na’Vi, but they are largely a hit or miss team. Apart from Vega, Team Spirit and Empire have both taken their fair share of games against Na’Vi, with Spirit knocking them out two times this year (GESC: Thailand and DAC 2018 Qualifiers). Despite all of that, I’d still give Natus Vincere a slight edge over all of those teams.

With the CIS qualifiers starting in just over two weeks, the East is looking wilder than ever. Considering the fact that Na’Vi missed out on The International 2017, their chances are looking slimmer than ever, but they are still considered the top dogs in the CIS region (after Virtus Pro that is). It feels like not so long ago, Na’Vi were a force to be reckoned with, the top dogs and the team to beat. Sadly, those times are looking more and more as a thing of the past as Na’Vi’s struggles over the past two years continue to haunt them.

Source: Na’Vi; ESL; Wykrhm Reddy

Overwatch Integration Spotlight Part 3: Put your videos wherever you want and get noticed

Get noticed

Getting noticed can be difficult with so many channels out there. wants you to have as many chances as you can to get your videos seen.

We provide a place for your video to live, but you can share it to pretty much anywhere your heart desires.

There is one-click sharing to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr

You can also use the link or embed to get creative and post anywhere else.

Something else that is great for is learning from each other. Be it watching gameplay before buying, or discovering strats for the top competitive games, we’ve got it.

We hope you’ve gotten a little something out of our Integration Spotlight series. We can’t wait to see your Overwatch plays!

We’re teaming up with Master Overwatch loves Master Overwatch

Master Overwatch is the place to go for in-depth Overwatch stats. Be it yours, your teammates, your mentors or rivals, you can get the data you need to improve your skills.

We’ve partnered with Master Overwatch so your stats pages will populate with your Overwatch videos. Your favorite plays and statistics are now all in one place for easy analysis.

If you have your Overwatch account connected in the desktop app, your Overwatch videos can now be automatically added to your stats page on Master Overwatch. Simply connect your account on Master Overwatch and in your settings there, select the following:

MOW Connect

Don’t worry, only public videos will be instantly shared. On your profile page, you will have a link to your Master Overwatch stats. It’s an easy way to show off, as well as improve and learn.

Check out Master Overwatch here.

Overwatch Integration Spotlight Part 2: Creating montages is breezy with


Did you know you could create montages with

Our Overwatch integration enhances the clean and snappy editing suite that offers. Edit your plays and create montages like the pros with our easy-to-master tools.

Go straight to the clip by clicking on an automatic bookmark. Creating a montage is as simple as holding CTRL while you click on all the bookmarks you want to include! This works with automatic and manual bookmarks, and you can resize the length of clips after selection.

You can add the following to personalize your plays:

  • Text – say anything
  • Stickers – for maximum silliness
  • Enable your username as a small watermark – get credit once it’s out in the wild

Ultimately, we want you to have a powerful yet direct tool for channeling your creativity.

Sneak preview next topic: Get famous.

Overwatch Integration Spotlight Part 1: Manage your matches and plays for the win

Manage Matches

Managing all your Overwatch clips and finding the right one can take a lot of time.

While records in the background with very little effect on your framerate, it’s also cataloging all your key moments so you don’t have to. It organizes this into matches and keeps track of what hero and map you played in the clip.

This means you can quickly find that insane multi-kill or winning resurrection and share it in seconds.

To be specific, it automatically bookmarks the following:

  • Eliminations
  • Deaths
  • Resurrects
  • Play of the Game

It’s a great learning tool that doesn’t take any setup. Our Overwatch integration helps you jump to the good (or bad) stuff quickly to up your game in the next match.

We want to contribute to the sounds of maniacal laughter as you boop your way to the top. Get going!

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Our Overwatch integration is ready to assist!

Overwatch Integration

Yes, we’ve been working tirelessly to build the tools you need to take your Overwatch play to the next level. is the best way to replay your Overwatch matches. It will auto-bookmark all your eliminations, deaths, resurrects, and of course, Play-of-the-Game’s. See it in action:

We’ll be releasing a series of blogs on how to get the most out of it in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

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Client Update, Overwatch Giveaway, and More

New Client Release


There’s a new version of the client available. The major changes are

  • Fixed a problem where some users were unable to upload videos
  • Added a preference to customize a watermark on your videos. You can remove it, move it around, and include your username.

WIN an Overwatch Prize Pack

Overwatch Contest

We’re standing on the Payload and we want to give some away! We’ve got some amazing Overwatch swag and cards to giveaway. Enter for your chance to win here.

Don’t miss out on another contest! Follow our social channels to keep up-to-date with all news and giveaways. For updates on the contest and to see featured clips from, follow us:

FACEIT Partnership

We announced a FACEIT Partnership a few months ago. FACEIT is the leading platform for online PVP competitions in PVP multiplayer games.


Thanks for using!

Introducing League Of Legends Emojis

It started as just a post on Reddit. The post was a collection of whimsical League of Legends inspired thinking faces.  The team LOVED these LoL thinking emojis so much that we had to find the person behind them. We thought having awesome LoL emojis would be a great addition to our site.

So, we contacted Helmi Kinnunen ( @Nemulaattori ), the creator of the LoL thinking emojis. She is a digital artist from Finland, who is passionate about video games, and is awesome to work with. You can find more of Helmi’s incredible artwork on her website.

We’re excited to announce that our first project together has just launched! Helmi has created several custom League of Legends icons which can be used in reactions and comments. Here’s how they look on our website:

Now you can react to your favorite videos with iconic League of Legends champions!

Our goal is to have one for every champ and to find more ways to incorporate these fantastic emojis into  Let us know what you think!

How’d the Parth coaching sessions go? Let’s talk about it!

TSM Parth and

Our coaching contest was a huge success! Thanks to everyone for spreading the word.

In case you were wondering how it went, both winners were able to coordinate with Parth and get really good gameplay coaching from it.

The winners were (Twitter handles only):


And the runners up were:


One of the winners, @ZadyEnglish, told us this about his experience:

I learned to to take advantage of playing my main role (Caitlyn) and how to play her more complex. I also learned what to do in certain scenarios, how to think, where to go etc… How to play against different champions and junglers, where to ward, what supports are good with Caitlyn and what the supports should do in certain scenarios. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to evolve as a league player. :)

Here are some highlights from the coaching sessions via notes from Parth:

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FIXED Website Issues 2/28/17: Fun With AWS

This Is Fine.

UPDATE: Amazon Web Services has fixed the issue and we are back to normal.

Hey everyone! Wanted to give you a heads up on some web issues we are having today. We use Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), to host content like videos and images for   AWS is experiencing “Increased Error Rates” today. will still automatically record your games and let you replay them.  But you may have problems with watching and uploading videos to  Here’s the latest status from AWS:

Increased Error Rates
Update at 10:33 AM PST: We’re continuing to work to remediate the availability issues for Amazon S3 in US-EAST-1. AWS services and customer applications depending on S3 will continue to experience high error rates as we are actively working to remediate the errors in Amazon S3.

For more info and up-to-date status: AWS Health Dashboard. Please send flowers, cards, and wishes for a speedy recovery.