#Vidoftheday: Share your favorite video replays on Plays.tv for a chance to win AMD hardware!

#Vidoftheday Video Event

UPDATE: This event is over — congratulations to our winners, Synister, zapoqx, and Engeniar!

To celebrate the Raptr & AMD Gaming Evolved client’s improved video capture and editing features (learn more here), we’re partnering with AMD and Sapphire in our #vidoftheday event! You could WIN Sapphire Radeon video cards, AMD memory, and AMD solid-state hard drives (SSDs) just for sharing video replays on Plays.tv and liking your favorite clips!

We all have epic moments; we just don’t know when they’re going to happen. Raptr’s new Game Replay feature captures full game session videos, so you literally never miss a moment.

Share your favorite moments with the event hashtag #vidoftheday and like your favorite videos — you’ll earn one drawing entry each day you share at least one video, an entry each day you like a video during the event, and another entry each day that you tweet a link to a video (using the #vidoftheday hashtag in your tweet).

We’ll feature some of the best videos and video creators on Plays.tv!


Special thanks to AMD and Sapphire for supplying these great prizes:

For video entries:

  • 2 Grand prizes: Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 260X + AMD Radeon R9 2400 Performance Series RAM + AMD Radeon R7 120GB SSD
  • Editors Picks: We spotlight the videos and video creators with the most likes

For likes and tweets:

  • 1 Grand prize: Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 260X + AMD Radeon R9 2400 Performance Series RAM + AMD Radeon R7 120GB SSD


  • Videos must be uploaded to Plays.tv from 5/5/15 to 5/21/15, consist of gameplay footage, and be 90 seconds or less in length to qualify
  • Sharing a video with the hashtag #vidoftheday earns you one entry (max) per day
  • Liking a video that’s tagged with #vidoftheday earns you one entry (max) per day
  • Share your #vidoftheday videos to Plays.tv via the Raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved, or Plays.tv client
  • Upload as many videos as you like. We’re especially looking for interesting, funny, entertaining epic wins and fails. Don’t forget, you can use your mic and/or webcam in your video clips to add commentary or tell the community about your video
  • Winners will be notified by email no later than 6/5/2015 midnight PST, and announced by 6/12/2015
  • Full terms and conditions here
  • Awesome! Time to start sharing!

  • AutoPsychotic

    I would love to enter this contest. Too bad I can’t, because AMD Gaming Evolved is completely broken and I can’t record or capture anything, even on my AMD hardware.

    • Demian Linn

      Please enter a support ticket if you haven’t already. You can also earn entries by liking videos and tweeting them…


    • Joshua Andrews

      runs perfectly on my MSI R9 270

    • staticfx

      same here XFX R9 270… doesnt even seem to affect gameplay. Crazy!

    • 靳君毅

      I feel very shame, my configuration is too low

    • DeadCadel

      Weird.. I’d be the first to jump on the “it’s broken” train, but it’s actually working for me.

    • Thor

      it doesn’t work for me also because i don’t have the correct card capable to record

    • Raymond Brady

      Yeah, nothing’s working on my machine, also: but I suppose I should first learn how to turn it all on to get it working in the first place. Any real suggestions, please. Just an arrow pointing the correct path for me to learn how to use this supposed high-end machine would be nice… pretty please?

    • bigaza2151

      mines been fine for months. now all of a sudden “disabled”. im so done with team red when i gather some decent coin

    • AutoPsychotic


    • Quentin VDS

      I have the same issue. It says video capture is not available for your hardware at the moment. Its annoying because id love to record!

    • Patrick
    • Olger Shaqiraj

      for me works great

    • Kaelath The Red

      Close and restart Raptr and it’ll work.

    • AutoPsychotic

      If only it were that simple. :(

    • Patrick

      Try this latest build to see if it fixes it: http://s3.amazonaws.com/raptrclient/raptr-4.4.2-r96679-release.exe

    • AutoPsychotic

      Thanks for the link. I gave it a try, but sadly both game capture and replay are still disabled on my system.

    • Patrick

      Send me an email at patrick@raptr.com. I want to help you debug the issue.


    does it have to be from pc gameplay? can i use my gameplay footage from my xbox one?

    • Carlos Gabriel Figueroa Ortiz

      It must be recorder with Rapture and Plays.tv… so yeah only PC :3

    • Kurtis Buckmaster

      2 things: 1) You can upload videos from anything through the Plays.tv client as it lets you add external folders. Unfortunately, the current Raptr version doesn’t allow for that. 2) You can enter this event by liking and sharing too

  • I Have a Radeon HD 6970 2GB GDDR5 from Visiontek running the 14.12 Driver (Most Current according to AMD Gaming Evolved) with a AMD FX 4100 @ 4.8GHz and it shows that “Video Capture isn’t Available for my System at this time”

  • Андрей Дрышлюк

    wow 0_0

  • Jorge Luis Salas García

    wii yo quiero ganar o_o

  • staticfx

    I signed up.. and it wont log in on the Gaming Evolved app.. it ignores me logging it.

  • L M

    I mean not to be a d*ck or anything but an R7 260x isn’t exactly breaking the bank. Especially since you’re “Partnering” with Saphire. Would have expected at least an R9 270X. The SSD is nice but still you know, 120GB? that costs practically nothing now a days. Sorry to be a negative Nancy but this stinks of cheap marketing.

  • TheExpendable

    firt fix this:

    • Somaly Pirat

      Yeah man fix pc cars for amd cards fast or we must switch to nvidea

    • Marcool

      bullshit got 40fps on my r7260x on same settings without fa16x

    • Jānis Bērziņš

      Who cares about Project CARS anyway? :D

    • astrix_au

      That is another issue as Roy from AMD pointed out the other day, you can thank Nvidia for that and the developer. They chose to build the game on Nvidia Gameworks and use PhysX to run the simulations. In this game there is no way to disable Physx for AMD cards which is really a bad way to do things as it’s all off loaded to the CPU.

      AMD doesn’t have access to the source code of gameworks so they can’t build a fix for it so easily. When AMD did have something working NVidia and the developer changed it again and AMD where blind again against the odds.

      We as gamers and developers should scold them for doing these practices. Gimping the competition so you get more sales. Even Kepler cards to a huge hit by Nvidia new Gameworks which will force people to upgrade if they really want great performance on Project Cards. This is what AMD being open has been complaining about for some time that Nvidia has a business model that is totally unfair and counterproductive for the gaming industry.

      Now AMD gets a bad name when really it should be Nvidia but they are betting not many people will know this and just see the benchmarks and buy their GPU’s. When they have a new generation and they will do it to their own customers.

  • Too bad I can’t enter because I’m under 18, no point though, my PC has a GTX 760 already, which annihilates the R7 260X; an entry level card, takes DDR2 RAM so I can’t use the RAM, and honestly it’s not worth it for the SSD I can get a 240GB SSD for like $115. I also record with GeForce Experience, which is probably cheating.

    • Kurtis Buckmaster

      You can import videos from Shadowplay with the Plays.tv client, so not cheating.

    • But I’m still under 18 and the prizes are worthless to me because my graphics card is far superior, the RAM is incompatible, and the SSD is only worth like $115 CAD.

    • Kurtis Buckmaster

      Sorry to hear that. I’m sure we’ll still have events running once you are 18.

    • Ha and by then, the prize will be an R9 280x, 16GB of DDR3, and a 480GB SSD. (The joke being that in 3 years they’ll be outdated and not that great)

  • BTFShadow

    I’d love to get into this competition, but of a sudden the program stopped working and says no addtional this to my system, HOW? if I ever used to record. Suck contest.

  • Chris Clawson

    So… I can win a new video card if I post a video, but I can’t make a video unless I get a new video card. Does that make any sense?

    • Kurtis Buckmaster

      Like + share are also entry options.

  • Got my video done for the day :D http://plays.tv/video/554e37d6943e1ed8f3

  • Ivaylo Dimitrov (oPsA)

    Why only one of my video’s is showed in the #vidoftheday group. I’ve posted few video’s, all hashtaged with #vidoftheday, but I checked in the group I saw only 1 of them ? How’s that come ?

  • Ivaylo Dimitrov (oPsA)

    For example – http://plays.tv/video/555220cbcc42a574d0 – This video can not be found in the #vidoftheday , but it is tagged with it. Can anyone help out with this ?

  • Paul Madsen
  • Jamie Lee Firth

    i never win anythink lol

  • Steve James

    aight the pop up after my game idea was bad…. ppl dont like pop ups ever… put this stuff in a msg box

  • Josh ODriscoll

    r7 260X XD lol

  • David Synister Brothwell

    Winner right here :) So glad I won! Thanks AMD & Plays.tv

  • dope