Top Plays of the Week: Sharing guns in CSGO, not being seen in Chivalry

An overly generous CS:GO opponent, a League of Legends frenemy, and an ode to Monty Python. It’s Top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek time again….

Here’s a gun by GunLemming

Sharing is caring, especially when the enemy gives you their sniper to kill them with in #CSGO.

Trolling with dragons by AcerolaOrionLOL

With  #LeagueOfLegends teammates like this, who needs teammates?

What the physics? by tcrazytster

When a #BF4 helicopter has dreams of becoming a rocket ship but fails miserably.

Double hit by GucciPotato69

When basketball meets #RocketLeague.

How not to be seen by SirSanitus

Learning how not to be seen in #ChivalryMedievalWarfare is not as easy as one thinks. Luckily for us, we’ve got this how-to.