Top 5 Plays of the Week: Photo finish in League of Legends, fun times in Rocket League

This week’s Top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek features some pretty one-in-a-million moments. Check ‘em out below.

I just forced a man to his death by Jordanlol

Probably not the best place for #MetalGearSolidVthePhantomPain’s Snake to take a hostage. But hey, works out in the end.

Photo finish by vicarto

Winions. What more can we say about this #LeagueOfLegends video?

Never getting back in an EMS car by viinitiate25

How EMS travel in #ArmAIII.

“Plant for long, we’ll win the round” by Grey_Eater

This is how you get your #CSGO teammates yelling at you.

Fun times in Rocket League by Jagman926

Just playing #RocketLeague while doing a headstand.