Top 5 Plays of the Week: League of Legends Edition

In honor of the latest update to the client , here’s our top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek #LeagueOfLegends edition, with highlights from pro players!

Quadrakill! by dyrus4
When an escape turns into a brutal quadrakill.

Glitter attack by Quas
The flash glitterlance. Better viewed than described. Killin’ ’em with geometry.

Quas and FeniX teamfight play by Fenix
We don’t use the term wombo combo very often, but wombo combo.

How Seth and I play bot by D2E2
Teamwork at its finest!

FeniX wannabe by robinnymann
Technically more of a front office guy now, robinnymann channels his inner FeniX in this one.