Top 5 Plays of the Week: Choked beyond the grave in Battlefront, failed tactics in CSGO

Choked beyond the grave in #StarWarsBattlefront, failed tactics in #CSGO, and a girlish scream in #LeagueOfLegends are part of this week’s Top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek!

I killed Darth Vader, but he choked me out from beyond the grave by MyNameIsPeck

Even death cannot stop Darth Vader in #StarWarsBattlefront.

“We’re all gonna jump out the balcony” by Sino7

When a plan in #CSGO fails due to unforeseen circumstances.

This play was huge! by squar3pants

“You sure I didn’t help? I feel like I helped.” Just things you say in #RocketLeague.

In the face of death by iccylemon

Real fear captured in a 12 second #LeagueOfLegends video.

Just dropping by to say hi by henrikberg1

#MadMax’s way of dropping in to say hi.