Top 5 Plays of the Week: A date with a goat in Goat Simulator, close call takedowns in League of Legends

Guess what? Here’s another helping of this week’s top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek!

She loved the ride by Crippled_Banana
This is how dates with goats usually go in #GoatSimulator.

The chaos by ZomboTheSkunk
Don’t blink or you might miss one of member’s ZomboTheSkunk’s kills in #UnrealTournament3.

(#Johanna + #Zeratul) #ulti = #teamfight + #megakill by Specter member Specter has a #HeroesOfTheStorm equation for you in video form!

Epic second wind by grimmodin
It’s cool to save your fellow vault hunters in #BorderlandsThePreSequel, but saving yourself with style is way more awesome.

Close call takedowns by eqalizer
Some #LeagueOfLegends accomplishments just can’t be put into words. Here’s a video instead.