Release Notes: client 1/21/2016

Now you can easily see what’s going on with the games and gamers you care about. Our latest client update adds highlights from your friends, pros, and other gamers — even trending videos from the game you just played — directly into the new client!

And of course, your session videos are still there; just click on one from the list at the left to open up the timeline view and share your own highlights.

Other updates:

  • Easily preview your highlight reel after selecting multiple clips
  • Adjustments to highlight clip length will be remembered after restarting the client
  • Quickly access your Home feed from a new button on the left panel
  • Noah Bertilson

    Since the update to 1.9.0 (build 111020), video recorded with Plays.TV has been blurry (edges are blurred, and the entire frame appears a bit too bright). This occurred specifically after the update from 110351 to 111020.

    I’ve uploaded a screenshot from a video recorded in 110351 here:

    And a screenshot from a video recorded in 111020 here:

    I’d really like to know what’s going on. If this is an issue with anything other than Plays.TV, I’d be surprised, but probably relieved as well. I just don’t know what’s going on at this point.


  • Crasher farcry primal random when turned on, if i turn it off game nerver crashes… fix inc ?