Release notes: client 1.6

See what’s new in the 1.6 client:

Key Features

Notification System

  • The client now displays new notifications types, including milestone alerts for shared videos, reminders for new activity on a player’s web feed, and congratulations on epic events for our deeply integrated games (LoL, CS:GO, more coming soon)

Find Friends

  • When signing up in the client or connecting a game identity, Find Friends has been improved to provide a better experience
  • Find Friends button to discover a player’s friends on through their connected social accounts is now in the client

Enhancements & Bug Fixes


  • Client UI updates
  • Webcam improvements
  • In-game overlay polish

Bug Fixes

  • Various stability improvements
  • Cmr

    This update makes me only save 1 second of footage (500kb), tried it on 4 different games, also tried reinstalling.

  • uhm

    It has a maximize button now :D
    Thank you, I love it.

  • Martin Tokle

    Audio still out of sync..

  • Heinz Federico M. Valiant

    the highlight preview button now only works for one highlight. If you selected many highlights using ctr+click, the highlight preview button will only preview one of them, instead of all of them, as it did before. So you won’t be able to see a preview of the video until you render it first. It is a nice addition to have the button that lets you preview only one highlight even though you have many selected, but not if it comes at the cost of losing the “preview highlight-reel” button. Moreover, if you zoom out in the timeline, the highlight preview button disappears.