Release Notes: client 1.4.1

See what’s new in the 1.4.1 client:

Key Features

Personal Bookmarks

  • CTRL+F2 (by default) now drops a personal bookmark whenever you press the key combo
  • Personal bookmarks are displayed as pins on the visual timeline in “gallery” view, so you can easily find your favorite moments post-game

Highlight Reels

  • Select multiple bookmarks to automatically stitch together a “highlight reel” video that includes all of your favorite moments from a given match


Enhancements & Bug Fixes


  • Improved session storage space and hard drive space warnings when the allotted space is filling up
  • Updated autosuggestion behavior for video description
  • Client window size is now adjustable
  • Enhanced Twitter share
  • Release notes now show automatically after client update

Bug Fixes

  • Various stability improvements