Release Notes 2/16/2017: Video Personalization, Unlisted Videos, and More

Add some cheese with stickers!Features to Check Out:

  • Add text and stickers to your videos for that extra spice.
  • Videos can now be Unlisted if you want, only view-able if you have the link.
  • Dashboard of your video stats and performance is available in beta form.

Improvements Detail:

  • Video Personalization:
    • Add text and stickers to your videos while editing.
    • Just hit the T or Circle icon in the yellow clip window like so:How to Add Text and Stickers
    • Text and stickers can be moved and resized.
    • Text can also be colorized to really dazzle!
  • Unlisted Videos:
    • Your uploads no longer have to be totally public.
    • Choose Unlisted when uploading to get a shareable link.
    • Only those with the link can view the video.
    • The video will be shown on your Profile page with an Unlisted overlay and be un-clickable.
    • You can change your video to Public later if you wish, or vice versa. Learn more.
  • Dashboard (Beta):
    • Everyone has access via “Dashboard” in client; additional smaller group has access via “Dashboard” on Home
    • Find stats on your videos like views, comments, and Likes.
    • Sort by day, week, or month to see your top trending videos.
    • Green arrow means an upward trend, keep it up!
  • Notifications:
    • Got a comment on a video? Now you can see what that comment was in the notifications list.
    • Get notified when people you follow post for the first time in awhile.

7 thoughts on “Release Notes 2/16/2017: Video Personalization, Unlisted Videos, and More

  1. Hi,

    Can you add the feature to select multiple audio sources for inputs?
    It would mean I can balance my mic audio, game audio and Discord/Skype audio which would help a lot for editing.

    Keep up the good work :)

    1. I second this, but huge surprise with the text and sticker stuff.

      I will be sure to make use of that. Appreciate the hard work!

    1. Hi there! We hear you on the Overwatch smart highlights, but we are unlikely to find a workaround soon. Overwatch still records and normal functionality still works, just not the smart highlights. For more info: Overwatch Smart Highlights: Where Did They Go?

      If you are having a different Overwatch problem, please contact our support and we’ll get right on it!

  2. Failing to upload videos if using text. We need an option to place a background color in texts.
    Can you please work on adding images from the system, cut scenes, and merging sections of videos? That’s what is missing for playsTV to be 90% awesome

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