Release Notes 4/20/17: Highlight Reels and Send Direct

Highlight Reel HeaderNew Features:

Highlight Reels:

  • They’re a quick and easy way to tell your match story.
  • If you got kills in a match, you will be able to create a Highlight Reel that strings them together.
  • You can preview what it will look like before posting, or post with one click if you’re in a hurry.Highlight Reel full client
  • It will include a personalized intro showing your Name, Champion, and KDA for the match.
  • There will also be an overlay that displays the type of kill on each highlight. A short clip of the Victory or Defeat screen will round off the reel.
  • When viewing your feed you’ll see Highlight Reels of those you follow at the very top with a number indicating how many reels they’ve uploaded. Any Highlight Reels you’ve uploaded will be displayed first.Highlight Reel header
  • The Highlight Reels will disappear from that display in 7 days but will still be available via link if they were shared.

Send Direct:

  • Send videos directly to your friends on!
  • When sharing a video just use the Send tab, rather than the usual Post tab.Send Direct
  • Select up to 10 suggested friends you are following in the drop down or enter their email address.
  • When you hit send, your unlisted video will start to upload and your video will be sent.
  • Recipients will receive an email and a notification with a link to the video.


  • New League of Legends champion emojis! Find them in the section of the emoji picker.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an Issue where AMD ReLive Drivers would be unable to record for some users.