Release Notes: client 1.5

See what’s new in the 1.5 client:

Key Features
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Highlights Support

  • client now automatically bookmarks kills, deaths, game objectives, and more right on your video timeline
  • Link your game identity to see which of your Steam friends are on
  • CS:GO videos shared on automatically include map, Round win/loss count, and other game information

Video Timeline Improvements

  • New timeline look and feel, including fast-forward and rewind options
  • Easily add bookmarks post-game, from the Gallery
  • Smart zoom to your bookmark using the slider or CTRL+mouse wheel

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Social sign up / sign in now available for Raptr, Steam, Facebook, and Google+
  • When uploading and sharing a video, URL auto-copied to your clipboard
  • Mouse cursor capture during recordings (optional)
  • Faster processing and upload time

Bug Fixes

  • Various stability improvements