Update: New Chrome Extension lets you Instantly capture epic Twitch moments after they happen

At, we’ve always believed that gaming’s best moments deserve to be seen. We began by making it easy to share highlights of your own gameplay and see great clips from the gamers you care about — friends and pros alike. Now we’re making it just as easy to watch and share highlights from your favorite Twitch streamers. The end game: All the top plays from all gamers, all in one place.

We’ve updated the website so you can easily see stream highlights from the broadcasters you follow on Twitch, right in your feed. And with the new Chrome Extension, you can capture, trim and share clips from your favorite Twitch streamers while still giving them the credit as content creators.

Here’s how the extension works: While watching a Twitch stream, just press a hotkey after a great moment or type !plays into Twitch chat and the extension captures the previous 30 seconds as a highlight video to the website. You then have the option to trim your clip to really focus on the action. Share that video to Reddit, Twitter, etc. with a click.

All highlights captured with the extension are credited to the original streamer, with links back to their Twitch profile. Coming soon: a revenue sharing plan so that content creators will be able to earn money from their videos.

But wait, there’s more — we’ve also made it easy to keep up to date with your favorite streamers. Connect your and Twitch accounts to automatically get highlights from all the streamers you follow on Twitch right in your Home feed, grouped by streaming session.

Here’s what SØren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, League of Legends mid-laner for Team Solo-Mid, has to say about it: “Fans are constantly asking me to post more highlights, but I just don’t have the time given our crazy practice schedule. It’s great that fans can now grab my best moments for me and see them posted next to clips I personally shared.”

So even if you missed Bjergsen’s latest stream, all the highlights people grabbed with the extension will be one click away from your Home feed on!

  • This is pretty incredible. One of the coolest features for anything I’ve seen in a long time!