Update: Improved Stream Highlights Viewing Experience and LoL Recommendations


At, we’ve always believed that gaming’s best moments deserve to be seen. We started out by making it easy to share highlights of your own gameplay, and then made it just as easy to watch and share highlights from your favorite streamers. Now we’re taking it a step further with the introduction of the new stream highlights viewing experience!


All of you live-streaming fans have been making great use of our Chrome extension.  Now when you choose a stream highlight to watch, it will take you to a viewing experience that showcases content from the entire broadcast. You will see the video moment selected on the timeline, as well as other highlights taken by fans during that same broadcast.button_seeitnow

League of Legends Summoners, we’ve leveled-up with you in mind!


After you exit a match, either logged in or as a guest, you will see recommendations specific to you! These include videos of you and your previous matches, as well as videos of your LoL friends. We also suggest other recent content creators to Follow. Keep up with all of their triumphs and fails!