now automatically creates video highlights of your key League of Legends moments


We’re big League of Legends fans here at, and we’ve been hard at work on something we think makes the League experience even better. The latest beta client now automatically creates video highlights of your key in-game moments, no editing required. Just play League with the client running, and you get:

  • High-quality video recording of every match, generated automatically
  • Key moments called out on a visual timeline — no more searching for that pentakill, Baron takedown, etc.
  • Match highlights pre-selected and ready to share, with no editing (though it’s there if you want it)
  • Automatic tagging, including summoner names in each match — instantly relive anything that happened in-game, with teammates and opponents alike, and easily find other summoners’ clips that you appeared in

What dark magic is this, you may wonder? Well, the client now incorporates match data directly from the source: Riot’s API. And we’ve also added the ability to import your League friends list to, so you can instantly find, follow, and be followed by your fellow summoners.

Want to get started? If you’ve already got the client, just make sure Game Replay is set to ON, and jump in a match. When you finish playing League, you’ll see the Gallery with each of your recent matches as thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to open a visual timeline of that match, with key moments flagged for easy viewing, clipping, and sharing.

League of Legends video timeline

Play around with this new stuff; we would love to hear your feedback. In the future, we plan to bring these kinds of features to other games as well!

If you don’t have the client, you can learn more about it here (it’s free), or download it directly:


If you’re a Raptr or AMD Gaming Evolved member, you’ll need to use the client for video capture to take advantage of these new League-specific features.