adds CS:GO Automated Highlights, timeline improvements, and more

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This is a big one — the latest update to the smart gameplay recorder extends our Highlights feature to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, automatically bookmarking key in-game moments on your session timeline to make finding your best plays easier than ever!

To help celebrate, we’re giving away four AWP Dragon Lores in our #CSGOPlays event — read about it here.

CS:GO Highlights – Every Kill, Headshot, Flashbang, and More, Automatically Bookmarked!

The client is now optimized for CS:GO! It’s like a video-based replay system, but better:

  • High-quality video recording of every match
  • Every kill, headshot, death, flashbang, and more bookmarked on your session timeline, including round win/losses
  • Match highlights pre-selected and ready to share, with no editing (though it’s there if you want it)
  • Automatic tagging for events, matches, maps, and your Steam name

And of course, with our Stitch feature, you can select multiple bookmarks with CTRL+left click to create a highlight reel video in seconds. Post your best moments alongside CS:GO pros like dupreeh, mouzNiKo, and karrigan!

Video Timeline and Other Improvements

We’ve updated the Gallery view to make trimming video clips and sharing even easier. You can now add bookmarks to your timeline from the Gallery (CTRL+F2). The timeline has fast-forward and rewind options, and you can zoom to your bookmarks using the slider or CTRL+mouse wheel.

We’ve also added mouse cursor capture during recordings (optional), and improved processing and upload times!

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