Player Profile: Mike “Xposed” Emmick

New CSU Chico graduate Mike “Xposed” Emmick maintains that there’s “nothing special about me.” We beg to differ as the 22-year old has over 800 followers on!

Mike began using earlier this year after discovering the website through the AMD Gaming Evolved client. “I realized that this is the exact program I had been looking for! Describing a fun gaming moment is nothing like the feeling of reliving it via recordings. It allowed me to record every single sweet, awesome, astonishing thing that happened in my League of Legends games.”

He initially only wanted to share his gaming moments with his League of Legends friends, but once he started getting new followers, he decided to take it to a whole new level. He was having fun connecting with followers; “watching and posting on their content is great entertainment and addicting!”

Mike states that “ is a nice alternative [to streaming]. I thought streaming would be fun, but it can be incredibly difficult to get viewers and a fan base when you are competing with pros for viewers. Plus, my computer can’t even handle the streaming software.”

With the website, he now has a gaming archive to share “fun stuff that happens” over and over again. “Sometimes, it’s just too tempting to check and see how many views or comments you have received since posting a new video,” Mike says. It just feels great to be recognized and liked by such an awesome community made up of people just like me; gamers that want to share their exciting moments with other gamers.”

He posts about 10% to 20% of his recordings and finds himself even recording his poor plays just so he can figure out how to correct his gaming mishaps. “In League, sometimes the information comes too quickly to recognize what exactly just happened. Taking a second or third look really helps improve my mechanics and understanding of the game.”

Despite only having a bit over 80 videos on, he says, “I do what I can to deliver the jaw dropping plays, something funny to laugh about, or maybe some weird moment. I never want to overwhelm my followers with videos. Having the video feed filled up with useless videos is no fun. I don’t want to put that evil on my followers.”

When Mike isn’t playing computer games, he can usually be found spending time playing basketball, working out, or with his girlfriend, friends, and family. Since graduating with a degree in finance, he’s now a day trader with his father. “I’m just a new college grad who plays video games. Nothing special about me. I am no mechanical god, or Challenger series League player. I’m just a casual guy looking for a fun time.”