Player Profile: Leanne “LexiWallflower” Warner

Leanne Warner understands the value of a good narrative, and she brings an articulate-yet-playful attitude to her popular posts on The 23-year old from Milton Keynes, about an hour’s drive northwest of London, is an aspiring writer with seven as-yet-unpublished novels under her belt.

Under her username, “LexiWallflower,” she’s shared dozens of videos of her gaming highlights from The Sims 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, Saints Row, and her favorite, Team Fortress 2. Each includes a colorful, descriptive, and often humorous “caption” that both conveys the gist of the highlight in question and also invites the audience to join in the fun. The results are impressive: LexiWallflower has attracted almost 400 followers since joining in March.

“It’s a rare day that passes without my visiting,” Leanne says. “Most days I hit the site four or five times, spending about five to ten minutes each time to check my notifications and see who has viewed, upvoted, or commented on my clips and check out the latest clips from others. One of the most attractive things about is how much exposure my videos receive. For example, a clip I posted to both and YouTube got well over 1,000 views on and literally about a dozen views on YouTube. It’s nice to know that people are watching and enjoying the content I put on there!”

Leanne says she regards first and foremost as a place to archive her gaming life. “It’s fun to look back over the silly, fun, interesting things that happened to me in a game and even better when other people have fun seeing those moments too,” she says. “It’s also an online community where I feel at home, since I know that people who are watching my videos also enjoy the games I do — it’s always nice to find a solidarity with people who would otherwise be strangers.”

While waiting to be discovered as a novelist, Leanne is studying French, both by visiting France several times a year and via a distance learning course. She also writes a gaming blog and sells her hand-crafted, gaming-themed jewelry on Etsy (under the handle “LynxKittyUK”).

She’s also staying busy by frequently contributing to “I probably post one or two of my gaming highlights to the site per day, on average,” she notes. “The community on is pretty exceptional in the gaming world because it’s so involved and so supportive and encouraging — there’s very little in the way of negative commentary. It’s more virtual high-fives and sincere questions like ‘how do you get to that level in the game’ or ‘did body parts just come out of your rocket, or was there an invisible spy in your line of fire?’”

Leanne doesn’t livestream any of her gameplay, in part because facing a live audience can be daunting. “Streaming is something I would absolutely love to do; it seems like so much fun,” she says. “But whenever I think about attempting it, I kinda lock up and I’m like, ‘yeah, this isn’t gonna happen.’”

In this regard, gives her a less intimidating platform for sharing her main hobby with a large and growing audience. “Seeing that people are enjoying things that I’m doing and interacting with people who share my passion for games is a significant confidence booster,” she says. “I feel like is a sparkly little gem that I discovered before most everyone else — and now I’m kind of addicted!”