Player Profile: Doug “The Douge” Kellett

Seventeen year old college student Doug “The Douge” Kellett has plans to create a video game. While he’s still learning the ins and outs of game development in Buckinghamshire, UK, he’s entertaining members of with the help of his League of Legends friends.

Doug was introduced to after installing the AMD Gaming Evolved client that came as a download option with AMD 290X. He enjoyed watching other people’s replays on the site and decided to save and share some of his own highlights.

He says that “ has an awesome, friendly community that makes you feel happy when you get comments on your videos. The user base is always light-hearted and leaves funny comments, unlike the trolls that I’ve encountered on a lot of other gaming-related sites.” His username, in fact, is inspired by the doge meme, which he considers “one of the most influential memes of the century,” and he tries to use his quick wit and “cheeky memes” when commenting on others’ videos or titling his own highlights.

Doug initially used “for the sole purpose of reliving funny and great moments in-game with my friends.” After he noticed that “other people started watching, liking, and following,” he made sure to keep the entertaining clips coming. Along with using to relive top gaming moments, he now uses it to help improve his skills in his favorite game, League of Legends.

He uploads about half of the videos he records, and uses as a way to improve his game. “ allows me to look back at what I did wrong sometimes — a lot of videos I don’t upload are ones where I failed, and I try to figure out why,” he says. I like to re-watch all of my replays, even the ones where I did well, and see what I could have done even better!

Though he watches the pro League of Legends games on Twitch, he doesn’t stream due to the time commitment required — college is his number one priority. While playing video games is a hobby he does love, he also enjoys 3D modeling and design, which is what he’s studying in college. “Luckily for me, my love for video games and 3D art can go hand-in-hand when exploring career choices.”

He states that “I may not seem like the most interesting person, as I am just a guy with a strange laugh and merely a Gold V League player who mains Thresh. But I’m sure most people would have a good laugh or appreciate the great plays I occasionally make with my gaming friends, who make my videos 300% better.”