How’d the Parth coaching sessions go? Let’s talk about it!

TSM Parth and

Our coaching contest was a huge success! Thanks to everyone for spreading the word.

In case you were wondering how it went, both winners were able to coordinate with Parth and get really good gameplay coaching from it.

The winners were (Twitter handles only):


And the runners up were:


One of the winners, @ZadyEnglish, told us this about his experience:

I learned to to take advantage of playing my main role (Caitlyn) and how to play her more complex. I also learned what to do in certain scenarios, how to think, where to go etc… How to play against different champions and junglers, where to ward, what supports are good with Caitlyn and what the supports should do in certain scenarios. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to evolve as a league player. :)

Here are some highlights from the coaching sessions via notes from Parth:

There were two winners, one who focused the coaching on Marksman (Caitlyn) and one on Mid Lane (Katarina).

Marksman (Caitlyn)

Main goal as Caitlyn should usually be to shove the minion wave into their tower

Making the wave hit the tower gives you 3 options you can abuse:
You can base and get items if you have a good buy (dirk, BF, tear)>> champion dependant
You want to move into the river and get vision or deny their jungler from messing with you
If the enemy AD has a wave at the turret, you can get free hits in on them or the turret while they try to CS under turret

General Caitlyn tips:
If you’re behind, 5-trap the tower they’re trying to siege on and call your team to you
If you have multiple cc sources, practice your trap placements to combo off them

Good supports for Caitlyn:
Anyone really (She’s one of the few ADCs that is good with everyone
Karma/Zyra for aggression and pushing
Braum/Thresh for CC
Nami/Soraka for trades

Mid Lane (Katarina)

Climbing through mid lane comes down to knowing matchups, 2v2s with jungle, and yours and your opponents recall timings

After early game it’s all about wards and which side lane you want to help with your pressure.

Best pink ward spots are dot brushes in the river on the side that has pressure

Best Times to ward enemy jungle is when you know enemy jungler is on the other side of the map or if the enemy mid laner is csing under turret

At 15 minutes in bot lane has taken the enemy bot lane turret. AT this point they should switch with you because as Kat you are safer than Caitlyn which means you’re much better at farming in the now less safe lane.

We look forward to many unique contest opportunities to offer you in future. Thanks again for the support!