New Preferences: Lots of changes, but we’ve got pics!

Preferences Overhaul

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

  • Manage which applications get recorded. Now you don’t have to record all your Hatoful Boyfriend sessions!
  • New status bar overlay helps you keep track of your recording time and bookmark hotkey (you can also turn it off for that minimalist look).
  • Push-to-Talk is in! Choose when people hear your lovely voice.

For more details on those additions and more, let’s dive in.

New location! Find the gear here now; it’s slightly bigger. I call that huggable size:
New preferences location

This night theme is easy on the eyes. Enable your webcam and choose what part of the screen it lives. Let people see that lovely head-shaped face:Pick your webcam placement

Play with that overlay. It’s for your eyes only so choose where you want it; it won’t appear in your recordings. Settings have more info than ever, with “i”s everywhere:Move the overlay around

Status bar gives you the good stuff like whether you’re recording, for how long, and what your bookmark hotkey is: Status Bar

Push-to-Talk is here! In the audio tab, get more mic control with Input Mode. Open mic is similar to how we used to record voice; all karaoke, all the time. Now you can choose when you want your voice heard. First, make sure your microphone is enabled. Second, select Push-to-Talk as your Input Mode. Then, bind a hotkey that you want to… push… when you want to… talk.Push-to-Talk is a thing now

Get a better view when wrangling all those accounts we love. Choose which LoL accounts to display on your profile. So many LoL accounts, so… many LoL accounts:Bind and Manage Your Accounts

Advanced tab is like an onion… or is it ogre… .psd file? It has layers. It’s also where the new “Manage Applications” tool lives. It’s a fancy name for the lists of games you want recorded… and those you don’t. Detected games show up in the top box and you can add games manually too.  Just hit Blacklist to send them to the bottom box and stop recording those endless Papers, Please marathons:Manage apps you want recorded

Last but not least, we’ve got shiny doodads to go with the shiny audio states:
Recording and audio states

Whew. That was a lot. Check them out and let us know what you think!