adds Dota 2 automated highlights and account sync


Dota 2 season is here with The International right around the corner! To celebrate the hype, we are excited to include Dota 2 as the third game to use our Smart Highlights feature. Similar to LoL and CS:GO, it will automatically bookmark key in-game moments to make finding your best plays easier than ever.

This Dota 2 optimization for includes:

  • Every kill, assist, death, and more bookmarked on your session timeline
  • Match highlights pre-selected and ready to share, with no editing (though it’s there if you want it)
  • Automatic tagging for in-game events, heroes, and your Steam name

And of course, you can select multiple bookmarks with CTRL+left click to create a highlight reel video in seconds. Post your best moments to and join us on The International hype train!


We also want every gamer to be able to connect with their friends on So now you can connect your account to your account and find all of the Overwatch friends you’ve been making.

Just run our client and the launcher at the same time. Then, a banner will show up at the top of your client to sync your account. Keep up with all those PotGs!