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Pro Plays: Q&A with melty eSport Club’s DeGuN


Being a professional Overwatch player isn’t easy — it’s hours upon hours of practice and review. DeGuN, one of the support players for French team melty eSports Club, is no stranger to a strict training regiment. His hard work and dedication can be seen in many of his videos here on

However, just because you’re working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

We sat down with DeGuN to find out more about him and his day-to-day as a professional Overwatch player.

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Introducing Protatomonster League of Legends


On, you can find videos of the most calculated ganks, the most hilarious fails, and the nearly impossible 1v5 Pentakills. The Protatomonster duo, Brandon “Brandon Lee” Wilks and Parviz “PROTATOMONSTER” Soleymani, are known for turning these extraordinary plays into epic Top 5 videos.

We are happy to announce that the duo will be bringing their League of Legends Top 5 plays here to!  Summoners, you can now submit your incredible League of Legends plays to them by using #Protatomonster.


The Protatomonster League of Legends channel is the latest addition to the Protatomonster line-up here on They also run an Overwatch channel which features Top 5 plays and Top fails.

We had a chance to ask the Protatomonster duo a few questions:

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Player Profile: Marius “d1us” Heidl

Marius “d1us” Heidl is the type of person who constantly works on improving himself, especially when he plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He has aspirations to become a competitive gamer, and with the help of, he’s able to rewatch his CSGO matches to improve his skills as well as learn new in-game weapon techniques. Continue reading Player Profile: Marius “d1us” Heidl

Player Profile: Anthony “JuxJuxJux” King

Anthony “JuxJuxJux” King spends nearly all day on; he is, after all, a UX designer. But outside of work, he logs about 8-10 hours a week watching clips. “It’s hard not visiting the site on nights and weekends,” he says. “It’s been extremely rewarding to see a community spring up, and I’m genuinely excited by the amount of quality content our users post on the site every day.” Continue reading Player Profile: Anthony “JuxJuxJux” King

Player Profile: Ziggy “Justnvc” Orzeszek

Ziggy Orzeszek is pretty old school as pro gamers go. The 27-year old from Loughborough, England, has been in the competitive gaming scene for almost a quarter of his life, and has been entertaining other gamers with his exploits in Quake Live, TF2, CS: GO and other shooter games via livestream almost as long. “I started streaming as a premium partner on way back in 2009, then moved to an partnership, and eventually to Twitch,” Ziggy says. “So I’m always interested in new ‘platforms’ for showcasing my gameplay and engaging with followers.” Continue reading Player Profile: Ziggy “Justnvc” Orzeszek