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Welcome to the 2016 Video Awards!

Welcome to the Video Awards!

Thank you for making 2016 a great year for You’ve shared awesome team fights, payload pushes, and hilarious reactions on our platform. Here are some of our favorites:



Gold Medal

In the right hands, Widowmaker can be a force to be reckoned with! Lmttz shows us how it’s done by single-handedly eliminating ten targets with deadly precision.

Silver Medal

A gentle choir serenades the enemy team as xFSN_Saber secures a devastating pentakill.

Bronze Medal

KSZNE brought a knife to a gun fight – and almost woke the neighbors.


Gold Medal

Riley lends a helping-bullet to a player in need.

Silver Medal

Sometimes, your support needs support. Willykil narrowly escapes falling to his death with the help of his quick-thinking teammates.

Bronze Medal

All we can say is “Wow!” Don’t pick a fight with DeGuN because you may end up in his next montage!


Gold Medal

You can’t carry if you’re dead. If I had teammates like this, I’d be out of Wood League for sure.

Silver Medal

These guys make dribbling look easy as they hop circles around the enemy team. #GlobeTrotters


Gold Medal

Morgana had two wins and two losses in gold promos. Her team was way behind, so the enemy team decided to lend a helping hand.

Silver Medal

When in doubt, you just gotta fire and hope for the best.


Gold Medal

Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet. I’m Hunting Tewowists.

Silver Medal

xSzopen definitely has the “heart of the cards”. With his lucky draw, he’s able to slowly and painfully kill his opponent in one turn.


Gold Medal
By Job_

When Bandit Thugs get bored, they’ll do just about anything to entertain themselves.

Silver Medal

Who needs to walk when you can swim?

A big thank you to the community for sharing so many of your game highlights. We look forward to more in 2017!

And remember to download the client – The best way to replay your games and share highlights with friends.

Win a Collector’s Edition of Overwatch from us!


We’re having a blast playing Overwatch and we want to share the fun, so we’re giving away an Overwatch Collector’s Edition for PC! You can enter in just three easy steps:

  1. Follow us on Twitter, @OfficialPlaysTV  
  2. RT our contest Tweet.
  3. Reply to our tweet with a link to your awesome profile! If you haven’t already, register for an account here.

We will not be accepting entries from Twitter bots — however, Omnics are welcome to enter our contest. ;)

Our contest runs from  June 9th  – June 24th. We’ll be contacting the winner via Twitter.

Be sure to check our Twitter and Facebook for more exciting news and promotions!

Full rules down below:
Continue reading Win a Collector’s Edition of Overwatch from us!

Watch exclusive player POVs and match videos from IEM San Jose on!

IEM San Jose is happening this weekend (Nov. 21-22) right in our backyard, so of course we’ll be there — and if you’re not, tune in to the ESL’s channel on for full coverage! We’ll have exclusive player POV videos and highlight reels along with full match VODs with commentary. Continue reading Watch exclusive player POVs and match videos from IEM San Jose on!

#CSGOPlays Event: We’re giving away four Dragon Lores!


UPDATE: This event is over. Congratulations to our winners: ThijsGG, GeT_SchWiFtY, Phyxiuz, and goldi23ohyeah!

The smart gameplay recorder is the best way to capture Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and now automatically creates highlights for you (more on that here). To celebrate our CS:GO integration, we’re giving away one of the most sought-after CS:GO weapon skins — the AWP Dragon Lore.

But not just one — we’ve got FOUR Dragon Lores to give to members of the CS:GO community on Continue reading #CSGOPlays Event: We’re giving away four Dragon Lores!

See exclusive videos and highlights from Intel Extreme Masters Cologne on

Watch ESL pros play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft II at IEM Cologne (August 5-9) and never miss a key moment or great play!

ESL and have teamed up to capture every match of the Intel Extreme Masters season. During IEM Cologne, traditional “spectator” videos of every game (with announcer play-by-play) as well as exclusive POV highlights will be on the ESL channel on Watch match-turning moments from the pro’s perspective and experience the game through their eyes. Continue reading See exclusive videos and highlights from Intel Extreme Masters Cologne on

Path of Exile: The Awakening — Video Event

Grinding Gear Games — developers of Path of Exile — and are running a month-long giveaway event (7/10/15-8/14/15) on to celebrate the launch of Path of Exile’s new expansion, The Awakening!

Just share one or more video highlights from Path of Exile on (hashtag #MMORPG4POE) and/or “like” PoE videos during the event to enter, and you could win PoE Points, Armor Packs/pieces, Stash Tab and Skin Bundles, Skill/Character/Weapon Effects, and Pets on the monthly/weekly/daily regular. Seriously, the list of stuff is incredibly long — about 40,000 PoE Points in value!

Check out the event announcement over on for all the details.

Random Daily winners for this weekend (200 PoE points):

#Vidoftheday: Share your favorite video replays on for a chance to win AMD hardware!

#Vidoftheday Video Event

UPDATE: This event is over — congratulations to our winners, Synister, zapoqx, and Engeniar!

To celebrate the Raptr & AMD Gaming Evolved client’s improved video capture and editing features (learn more here), we’re partnering with AMD and Sapphire in our #vidoftheday event! You could WIN Sapphire Radeon video cards, AMD memory, and AMD solid-state hard drives (SSDs) just for sharing video replays on and liking your favorite clips! Continue reading #Vidoftheday: Share your favorite video replays on for a chance to win AMD hardware!

CSGO Video Event

Soloing the opposing team or just scoring an amazing headshot — you never know when your moments of in-game greatness will happen. But with Raptr’s Replay feature you’re armed and ready to capture and share your best experiences.

Starting on 12/18/2014 and running through 1/19/2015, everyone who shares a #CSGO video on, will be entered into a drawing to win some great Thermaltake prizes.

event_csgo_dec Continue reading CSGO Video Event

Hearthstone Video Event

Pull up a chair by the hearth, card battlers! In honor of the Goblins vs. Gnomes launch, share your great moments in #Hearthstone with the community on – after all, a short clip of your 1hp come-from-behind Jaraxxus win tells the story a whole lot better than a screenshot.

Starting on 12/8/2014 and running through 1/5/2015, everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing to win some great AMD & Thermaltake prizes. In addition, we’ll give out onAMD Radeon Never Settle Forever Space Edition code per week to our favorite video that includes the new cards in action. (We’ll announce weekly winners here, throughout the event.)

Continue reading Hearthstone Video Event