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#bestplays Week 3 Winners!

Hey there! From all of the major comebacks to awesome individual skilled moves, your plays are something that our team has been enjoying each week!

We’ve finalized our picks for the third week of our #bestplays contest which you can check out below:

Satikuti‘s “rlybruh #bestplays

deearekay‘s “ward hop flash insec #bestplays”

DrKronk‘s “fat ass comeback #bestplays

Congratulations to this week’s winners – we hope you enjoy your 10,000 RP! And even though the submission period is over (contest ended on October 20th) for the #bestplays the final week’s winners have not yet been selected so there’s still time to promote your past plays!

#bestplays Week 2 Winners!

Hey there! We’re excited to present our picks for the second week of our #bestplays contest! The submissions have been great and we’re enjoying watching all of your best plays!

The submissions keep coming, and it’s getting even harder to choose our favorites, but without further ado, here’s this week’s winners:

idnyy‘s “Baiting the enemy team into Jhin traps”

Brigne‘s Tristana video

_Ganma_‘s “Most insane tf in clash ever xD!”

Congratulations to this week’s winners – we hope you enjoy your 10,000 RP! And remember, there’s still a chance for you to win: Just upload your League videos with #bestplays to enter!

This week will be the last week of submissions, so get uploading! The #bestplays submission period ends on October 20th.

#bestplays Weekly Winners!

Hey there! We wrapped up the first week of our #bestplays contest! We had a blast looking through the submissions and seeing all the great plays, and we’re ready to show you folks our first 3 winners!

Norak’s “Tiltcrank of Legend”

OneStrikeLoL’sCool dodge with Azir”

P_Rob’s “2v5 Penta”

And remember, the contest is still going until October 20th, so be sure to tag those LoL plays with #bestplays for your own chance at 10,000 RP!

#bestplays for a chance to win 10 000 RP!

Win 10,000 Riot Points and have your video featured in posts and tweets!

How to enter

  • Capture your favorite League of Legends moments using the app.
  • Upload your video clip with the hashtag #bestplays.
  • There’s no limit to the number of entries.  The #bestplays contest, however, begins 9/23 and runs for four weeks–ending on 10/20.
  • Make sure that the email address tied to your account is valid.

How to win

  • Get your videos noticed–publish them to the community, share them with friends, and post the links on Reddit/Twitter and anywhere else you hang out.
  • Each week for the next four weeks, the team will review the most popular videos and select our 3 favorites, naming them the weekly winners.

Claiming your prize

  • will reach out to the winners via email. Upon confirmation from the winner, we will gift 10,000 RP to their Riot account.

Click here for full Terms and Conditions

Hey, Everyone! We Have a Name For Our Mascot!




After thousands of submissions and loads of suggestions (some good, some questionable…but hey, it’s all part of the fun–even “Mascot McMascotface”!). We decided that Scorch was the perfect name for our mascot.  

Here’s Scorch’s backstory:
Scorch was born from the excess energy of all the gamers from around the world coming together to play games. The more games people play, the more powerful Scorch becomes. Scorch is a digital creature who travels from game to game to team up with the best gamers in the world, make friends to go on adventures with, and find the ultimate loot.

These other suggestions were not far behind in our consideration set:

  • Ember
  • Blaise
  • Flint
  • Cosmo

All of our winners have been contacted.  If we haven’t heard from you, please email us back so we can get your prize to you.  

Again, we were so impressed with all of the submissions. Thank you for participating and let’s give a shout-out of congrats to our winners and a welcome to Scorch (who will be making appearances from time to time)!

Help Us Name Our Mascot!

Earlier this year we launched a rebrand for Plays. This included a new logo, mascot, color palette, icons, styles, messaging, and a lot more. Click here to read more about the rebrand.

Today we’re announcing a contest to name the Plays mascot.

We’ve got tons of prizes for people who submit mascot name suggestions.

  • Handmade bespoke mascot pillow (grand prize)
  • Plays mascot stickers
  • 1 Plays hoodie
  • 1 Plays hat
  • 1 Plays water bottle

We’ll award the grand prize to the person who submits the winning name. 4 runner-ups will be selected at random to win the other prizes. If more than one person submits the winning name, we will randomly pick the winner.

To enter, just fill out the form below.  It’s as easy as that! Please submit your ideas by August 1.

Good luck!

Heroes never die! Contest: Upload your best Multi-Resurrects!

If you haven’t heard the news, Mercy’s resurrection ability is getting a big overhaul. Mercy will no longer be able to use her ultimate to resurrect multiple teammates. Her ultimate ability will be replaced with the new “Valkyrie” ultimate, which increases her damage, range, and allows her to fly freely. Battle Mercy mains rejoice! 

However, this means that we must bid farewell to multi-resurrects. But dry your tears, Mercy fans, we’re giving multi-resurrects a proper send off with a contest! Two winners will receive the ultimate Mercy prize pack!

To enter, upload an Overwatch video of you resurrecting 2 or more  teammates. Add the tag #GoodbyeMultiRes. You can use our Overwatch integration to help you easily find your Mercy resurrections.

You may submit multiple videos for submission. The more you submit, the better chance you’ll have to win! The winners will be judged and chosen by the staff.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

2 lucky winners will receive:

  • Mercy Nendoroid
  • Mercy Print by Steph Lew
  • “Have Mercy” Tee
  • $20 Gift Card


  1. Contest will run from August 30th, 2017 – September 19th, 2017
  2. Videos must be submitted to to qualify
  3. Videos must be from Overwatch and must contain a resurrection of 2 or more team mates.
  4. Videos must be using the Overwatch integration (will be automatically tagged with a “resurrection event”)
  5. Submissions must contain the #GoodbyeMultiRes tag — you may edit this into your description if you forget to add it.
  6. Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM PST on September 19th, 2017 

Remember, HEROES NEVER DIE, so get out there and get some multi-resurrects while you still can! Did someone call a doctor?