#bestplays Week 2 Winners!

Hey there! We’re excited to present our picks for the second week of our #bestplays contest! The submissions have been great and we’re enjoying watching all of your best plays!

The submissions keep coming, and it’s getting even harder to choose our favorites, but without further ado, here’s this week’s winners:

idnyy‘s “Baiting the enemy team into Jhin traps”

Brigne‘s Tristana video

_Ganma_‘s “Most insane tf in clash ever xD!”

Congratulations to this week’s winners – we hope you enjoy your 10,000 RP! And remember, there’s still a chance for you to win: Just upload your League videos with #bestplays to enter!

This week will be the last week of submissions, so get uploading! The #bestplays submission period ends on October 20th.