New Feature: Your video feed just got an upgrade


Have you been enjoying our newest addition to

We’re working hard to connect you with awesome, relevant gaming moments. So now, you’ll get video recommendations in your Feed based on the games that you’re currently playing.

Just keep running the client while you play, and your experience will become more personalized over time.  It’s a great way to keep up with the latest antics and highlights of the games you play the most. Meanwhile, we’re always there to help you capture your own gaming footage to share.


  • Scott Winterringer

    /shrugs. This software is very useful when it works and that is the main issue I have with it. some games, it works flawlessly, other games it fails to run in manual or automatic mode. The built in configuration system blows. Admittedly this is a free solution but it has been around for several iterations over at least three years. (those games are star citizen, ghost in the shell, and duelyst.)

  • Sven_Golly

    What is the “Upgrade?” What is the “newest addition?” I was directed to this page “for more information” and it provided none.

    I just re-read your “blog.” is “So now, you’ll get video recommendations in your Feed based on the games that you’re currently playing” supposed to be the “upgrade?” That has been there all along for at least the past year.

    • Wendigo Runner

      Says the guy who clearly plays LoL and / or Rocket League.

    • Sven_Golly

      I don’t know what LoL or Rocket League is. If I did would it answer my question?

  • Justin Burgess

    I don’t get it what’s the upgrade

  • Fireball

    The “Upgrade” is an euphimism for “we now evaluate your playing behaviour for big data” and hence they will be able to personalize our video feed and the advertising they present to us.

  • Justin

    Does this mean it will finally stop showing me videos of League of Legends? I dont play that crap.

  • Wendigo Runner

    This doesn’t really warrant a big announcement, IMO. The fact that your program didn’t do this from day 1 is a little embarrassing to be honest, but drawing attention to it doesn’t really do you any favors.

    But this is the same group that was behind Raptr, right? What a train wreck that turned into.

  • Ron Mansfield

    I’d be much happier if you would upgrade your server farms so that streaming TV would work properly all the time.