A New Look For Plays

You may have noticed that Plays has a new look and a new face. We’ve come a long way in our rebranding journey and we wanted to share our design approach to our new brand.

Our goals were to design a logo and brand that felt fun, exciting, recognizable, relatable, and at a glance, would feel like a product for gamers. Most importantly, we wanted a brand that connects with the gaming community we represent.

It started out with a variety of logo mark and typeface explorations that helped us understand what we did not want. Most of our initial exploration just felt too corporate, or too generic.

After some more rounds of sketches, we zeroed in on a mark that we felt had character. It reminded us of a hero you might find in a game, with personality and action. It was bold and different. We were able to create a logo type as well that followed similar principles.

We also wanted to refresh our existing color palette with brighter tones and cooler grays while staying true to our gaming fandom.

To celebrate our rebrand, we are launching a contest to name our new mascot. Click here to enter the contest. You’ll have a chance to win awesome swag including

  • Handmade artisinal bespoke mascot pillow (grand prize)
  • Plays mascot stickers
  • 1 Plays hoodie
  • 1 Plays hat
  • 1 Plays water bottle

If you want to help us name our mascot, click here to enter. We are excited for the upcoming adventures we will have with our new rebrand process, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!