Pro Plays: Q&A with melty eSport Club’s DeGuN


Being a professional Overwatch player isn’t easy — it’s hours upon hours of practice and review. DeGuN, one of the support players for French team melty eSports Club, is no stranger to a strict training regiment. His hard work and dedication can be seen in many of his videos here on

However, just because you’re working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

We sat down with DeGuN to find out more about him and his day-to-day as a professional Overwatch player.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hi! I’m DeGuN. I’m 24 and I live in France

Q: How did you get started in gaming? Why did you decide to go competitive in Overwatch?
My first gaming experience was back in the good old N64 days (<3 Ocarina of Time). I then started playing on PC. TF2 became my thing so I climbed to the top of its competitive scene. That took me about 7 years. Then Overwatch was announced at a point when TF2 was going nowhere due to the lack of support for the competitive scene by its publisher. It was a no-brainer that Overwatch was the next step for me if I wanted to keep going and make gaming a full-time job.

Q: You’re currently signed with melty eSport club as one of their supports, what’s your daily/weekly routine with the team?
6 days a week, we practice with other high level competitive teams, that’s at least 6 hours a day. Studying my own replays, but also tournaments vods takes most of the rest of our time.

Q: You’re representing Team France in the Overwatch World Cup. How do you plan to prepare with this team?
We already know each other rather well except for kitty. We’ll just practice together and see how it goes

Q: Do you have any tips for players who are looking to improve their Overwatch skills?
To improve one’s skill as a whole, there’s no secret: Practice, practice and practice. Also… practice. Aim will come with time. Understanding the game mechanics, how to counter something, will also come with time. Being able to question if what you’re doing is wrong or can be improved is probably the trait that most high level competitive players share.

Q: You’ve posted a lot of hilarious videos — one of our favorites is definitely the “How to Dodge Reinhardt Ult” video. What was your most hilarious moment in Overwatch?

Hahah, this one was really a good one, but if I have to be honest, I just love when ragdolls do silly stuff. Here’s a good one:

Q: Any final thoughts or shout outs to your fans?
Thanks for cheering and all your support. Shoutout to my team mates and melty eSport Club, awesome people.

You can follow DeGun here on and on Twitter. Don’t miss out on any of his amazing or hilarious plays!

Pro Plays: Q&A with BUR1X


A well timed resurrection in Overwatch can turn the tides in battle. No one knows that better than Mercy-extraordinaire, Martin “BUR1X” Buric. We had the pleasure of chatting with BUR1X to find out a little bit more about this Overwatch star.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Martin Buric but most people know me under the nickname ‘BUR1X’.
I am a Competitive Overwatch Player, currently living in Berlin, Germany.
I live and breathe eSports and play mainly Support Heroes.

Q: How did you get started in gaming? Why did you decide to go competitive in Overwatch?
I think the games that I first remember playing were Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis, Worms and Wolfenstein 3D back in the 90s.

As games, graphics and internet continued to get better, I spent most of my teen years going to both LAN parties and early ESL events. Of course, I spent lots of time behind my monitor playing video games. I played Counterstrike on and off for about 10 years and other shooters like UT2k4, Painkiller and WC3 in between before I got caught up in the Moba/mmo genre.

Before I started investing time into Overwatch, I used to play League of Legends and Eve Online. I’m the type of guy that plays only one game at a time and tries to become the very best.  So from the second I had access to the Overwatch closed Beta back in October/November 2015, I knew I wanted to go pro.

Q: A lot of your videos feature you playing Mercy. Why do you enjoy playing Mercy?
Playing supportive roles or Heroes, especially Mercy always felt very rewarding to me.
I think out of all 22 Heroes currently in the game, Mercy has the biggest impact and can change the pace in team fight situations if played correctly. This makes her very efficient in most cases depending on meta, map and team composition.

Her kit is amazing. She’s easy to play, but hard to master. With her resurrect ability, well placed pistol shots, or damage boost on your dps player in a key situation, players are able to turn around 2vs6 into 6vs4’s. This gives support players the ability to solo carry to some extend.

Q: We’ve seen all of your incredible 5-man resurrections — it’s pretty impressive! Do you have any tips for aspiring Mercy or support players?
Good positioning, keeping track of friendly/enemy ultimates, good spacing between your healing/boosting target and thinking a step ahead are all keys to success.

Learn unusual Mercy hiding spots before going for revives.

Starting of high ground advantage before flying into friendly souls works great in most situations, don’t forget to plan an escape Guardian Angel target!

Become invisible in certain situations and learn to time things. Bail on your team mates if enemy engagements/team wipes are about to happen so you can be the last man standing to press Q

Q: In OW Competitive Season 1, you secured your spot in the Top 500. What was the journey like and how are you preparing for Competitive Season 2?
Overwatch’s Competitive mode was always just something I was doing while keeping my focus on scrimming and playing Tournaments with my Teams.
It’s a good way to practice individual mechanics and stay in shape while waiting for the next Tournament or scrim to happen.

Overall, I enjoyed the implementation of ranked mode very much except for the Sudden Death system. I’m glad they get finally rid of it for the next Season.

Currently, I am playing a lot on the PTR Overwatch Test Server. Playtesting the upcoming balance patches and changes and practicing the new map ‘Eichenwalde’ to get used to everything before the new Season hits the Live Servers.

Q: Do you have any closing thoughts or anything you’d like to say to your fans?
I’d like to thank everyone who supported me throughout the last 10 months, it really means a lot to me!
I’ll have some big news coming very soon, so make sure to follow me on  to not miss out.

BUR1X will be representing Team Germany in the Overwatch World Cup. Follow his incredible journey to BlizzCon by following him here on or getting the latest updates from him on Twitter.


Introducing Protatomonster League of Legends


On, you can find videos of the most calculated ganks, the most hilarious fails, and the nearly impossible 1v5 Pentakills. The Protatomonster duo, Brandon “Brandon Lee” Wilks and Parviz “PROTATOMONSTER” Soleymani, are known for turning these extraordinary plays into epic Top 5 videos.

We are happy to announce that the duo will be bringing their League of Legends Top 5 plays here to!  Summoners, you can now submit your incredible League of Legends plays to them by using #Protatomonster.


The Protatomonster League of Legends channel is the latest addition to the Protatomonster line-up here on They also run an Overwatch channel which features Top 5 plays and Top fails.

We had a chance to ask the Protatomonster duo a few questions:

What got you started in creating these awesome Top 5 videos?
We’ve always had a passion for filming and editing videos but we never thought it’d lead us down the path we’re on now. Right around the time we were experimenting with some editing programs we became obsessed with League of Legends.

One day we were toying around with the idea of making a YouTube channel and our favorite games at the time were Gears of War, League of Legends, and Halo… but we were leaning towards League of Legends because it was definitely our favorite of the three. Back then when you searched “Pentakill” on YouTube there would be very little results that would pop up and we thought it was so exciting to watch the few Pentakills available at the time.

The hype around watching other people’s’ plays moved us in the direction of creating our Top 5 plays series for League, focusing on community submissions to highlight the best of the best from your everyday player!

What was your most memorable play in LoL or Overwatch?
Our most memorable play (even though the game has come a long way) has to be the #1 play from our League of Legends Top 5 Plays Week 9. It was sent in by Imaqtpie, who at the time we didn’t know at all, and it featured Scarra going off on Katarina. Looking back at it now, that play was stacked with big name players that made it/are currently in the pro scene, but at the time we were just excited to get a submission from a full Diamond game.

What was your most memorable FAIL in LoL or Overwatch?
We’ve seen so many fails in League come up over the years but none of them made me laugh harder than watching the #1 fail from our Overwatch Top 5 Fails Episode 1. Seeing Winston, this gigantic “scientist” solo cap the base by pushing people away with his ult had me cracking up


For people who want to submit videos to you, what advice do you have for them that would help them increase their chances to be featured?
Take your time with submitting and help us by making it detailed but concise! I think a lot of people get excited when they make a big play and they rush to submit it but they don’t realize they mistyped certain key information (like when the play starts) or their description is lacking!

If the description of your play is “Pentakill” and the next guy’s is “We were behind in gold and 2 of our teammates get caught out but through Vayne mechanics and positioning around the fight, we turn things around 3v5 near baron” then you make it much more exciting for us when we load the play.

Granted that’s a small thing because we watch every play, but if your description is good and maybe you mistyped something else in a different category, then we’ll be much more willing to skim through your play to find the action.

For Overwatch – Blizzard currently has no official replay system in place so your submission needs to be as high quality as possible! We won’t feature plays that look like they were recorded on a potato… and that’s saying a lot because well, we love potatoes ;D.

Now that you’ve launched your League of Legends channel on, what’s next for the Protatomonster crew?
To keep innovating our videos and making them higher quality! We have some secret videos coming up within the next month or so that’ll be “game changing” so to speak, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see more!

Any closing thoughts or shout-outs?
To keep innovating our videos and making them higher quality! We have some secret videos coming up within the next month or so that’ll be “game changing” so to speak, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see more!

We’re very excited to have Protatomonster here on! You can check out their brand new League of Legends channel here. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. adds Dota 2 automated highlights and account sync


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We’re having a blast playing Overwatch and we want to share the fun, so we’re giving away an Overwatch Collector’s Edition for PC! You can enter in just three easy steps:

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